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We, the Producers, along with Sudan Film Factory, and in collaboration with Elguneid Cultural Center, and other sponsoring partners are proud to present a motion picture film project based on Tayeb Salih's short story A Handful of Dates, produced by Sudanese-American filmmaker Mamdooh Salih and directed by Master of Fine Arts from the American Film Institute, Hashim Hassan. This short film, is a social and cultural project in collaboration with various cultural centers, non-profit organizations, embassies, private companies, as well as UNESCO and much more.


The cultural effects of the film are present in the content of the story. From the profound and prolific author Tayeb Salih, this story poignantly reflects Sudanese culture, heritage, traditions, history, and literature. As a social project, the aim will be to enrich Sudanese Cinema through applied educational initiatives. Using the film as a platform, numerous workshops, cultural events, lectures, and gatherings will be hosted throughout the production and exhibition life of the film focusing on improving and enhancing the artistic and professional capacities of aspiring artists.


Furthermore, the film will be screened across the nation and to a worldwide audience. By taking the film to prominent international film festivals, we have a chance to engage in creative exchange and cultural relations with global communities that may otherwise not know about the authentic culture of Sudan. In return, we maximize the diplomatic impact of the film, and promote foreign cooperation and mutual understanding. This is a non-profit venture, and proceeds from sales of the film will go back to development of local Sudanese Cinema.


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